Who said Government Hospital is worst or not good?

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On 21st July 2014’s night near about 10:30 PM, one of my roommates had an accident and emergency happened. We called GVK EMRI 108 AMbulance – Gujarat and they reached in a couple of minutes.

His left leg got injured, Dr. in the 108 team did treatment and suggested us to shift to the hospital for further surgery.

We have seen the scary face of my friend, when we decided to shift him to the Vadilal Sarabhai Hospital.

We went VS Hospital, where Dr. took responsibility for further treatment & asked us to do X-Ray report to have a deeper look for the injury.

It was around 11:00 PM and we did X-Ray report, in next 20 minutes we have X-Ray reports from the team, which was really appreciable that they understand the emergency.

Finally, the report reviewed by the Dr. and he said “There in no injury inside, only we need to take stitches”

We were scary too, what we will do if he had a major injury? But with those words by Dr. we took a breath of piece.

We haven’t shared with my friend that what Dr. said and what further treatment required, as he wanted to leave from the hospital in any condition.

We convinced him that only dressing required till that time when we shifted him on a bed.

And the time came when Dr. came with dressing material and needle for stitches. At that moment we shared with him that “need to take stitches” and he was like a small baby and about to cry.

I can see the pain in his eyes. But with his courage, he survived that time and relived him in the next 30 Minutes from the hospital.

It took approx 1 hour from admitting, treatment and reliving.

I really appreciate understanding the emergency and support provided by all staff members and Dr. at the hospital.

I could not say that this a great experience, but I feel that to share this with you all and change a thought, who are thinking that Government Hospital is a not good for treatment or not providing treatment on an immediate manner.

I have seen many cases where people afraid to visit Government hospitals just because of this reason and what they heard from others.

By writing and sharing is all about “To change the mindset of people”, who are thinking and having a thought “Government hospital is worst or not good for treatment”

I request you to share this as much as you can, so you can also help me to change the mindset.

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