Sony Cyber-Shot QX10 & QX100 – Camera for Smartphone

This is what I call innovation of technology. A well-known Electronics Manufacturer “Sony Corporation” has taken a new step in technology and introduced one more innovative gadget for Smartphones.

On 18 Sep 2013 Sony introduced a new type of Cyber-Shot QX10 & QX100 Cameras specially design for Smartphone users. QX10 & QX100 built with attractive shining black color with plastic body material & cost 24,990/- INR and Rs. 12,990/- INR respectively.

Let me stop talking more and have a look technical specification, images and a must watch video of these lens cameras. I am sure after viewing the video you will defiantly think once to buy this lens camera for yourself. Continue Reading…

Farewell – Never Say Good Bye

Farewell Image

With mixed feelings I am writing about my Farewell at Cygnet Infotech. Let me brief about my career journey with Cygnet.

I had completed my study and started searching for a good job opportunity to work in Ahmedabad. There it was, I got a call from HR Executive of Cygnet and scheduled interview. I cleared all interview rounds and finally I received a good offer from the company to work with them. In April 2010 I joined the Cygnet and have taken a first step with my career and join the Cygnet as a Jr. SEO Executive.

“Now, it’s time to move forward with some new challenges and take a new steps in a life”

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Memorable Moments of My Blogging Journey

Confused with the article title? “Memorable Moments of My Blogging Journey”? Hey, don’t get confused, you will get to know about it very soon.

Definitely you are here to read about my experience and my starting journey of my blog. Well, In this post I am about to share and explain all that aspects, who has motivated/inspired me, the procedure I followed like select and buy a domain name and host it, the beneficial efforts which I have made to promote a blog (its quite interesting!, you must proceed to know how I do it), and finally the results which I have got from my blog and more about my happiness for initiatives. Continue Reading…

Inspired from GBG Ahmedabad Group Event “Make Money Online”

This is my FIRST writing. Before I write more about this topic, let me talk about a workshop “Make Money Online” from where I have inspired to be a blogger with money making ideas. This workshop organized at the campus of IIM Ahmedabad by GBG Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad WordPress Group.

As most of the attendees are Gujjus and we are much familiar with our mother tongue Gujarati, the agenda of this event is to conduct it in Gujarati language so more people can take the advantage of it in an easy manner and understand the value of blogging., where experts Ashvin Patel, Mitesh Sanghvi, Adhir Amdavadi have spread their knowledge by following workshop agendas.

– What is blogging?
– Different platforms to build your own blog.
– Different ways to earn by doing blogging.
– Introduction of Google AdSense.
– Importance of Google Authorship and its future.
– How to promote and increase engagement of user on Social Networks.

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