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I am always curious to find out some new stuff and excited to share my experience with you all. Recently, I visited The Chocolate Room near Vijay Cross Roads in Ahmedabad with a hope to try out few yummy chocolates along with the intention of getting royal services.

But guess what, there was no paper menu at the table! When inquired about the same with the waiter, he just reverted by showing me a sticker that was displayed on the table. That sticker was containing a QR code along with some content. I asked to waiter “What is this sticker about?” He replied to me:

“Order through Spoonzo – There is no more need of paper menu, Sir.”

The similar question brings to my mind which is in your mind now. “What is Spoonzo?” Then the waiter explained me, “Spoonzo is a paperless menu, a food ordering app. You can directly place an order from your mobile device”.

Now, that made me more curious that how can it be possible? Being frank with you all, the curiosity grew to such an extent that I even forgot my intention of trying out yummy chocolates and all that hovered around my head was a simple wish to know how it would work and how I could make an order from my mobile directly without the help of the waiter!

So, before my urge grew more, I scanned the QR code from the sticker, and followed the procedure to download the app “Spoonzo”. I was sure about there was something innovative thing The Chocolate Room brings to add one more star to their royal service. In a couple of minutes the app downloaded to my mobile and I followed one time registration procedure. “Now the magic happens” I said to my friend who was with me. I could see the whole menu of The Chocolate Room on my tiny mobile screen.

Spoonzo Food Odering App -

I was surprised, but browsing the menu gradually reminded me my intention of trying out delicious chocolates. So, after a quick scan of all the available items that stated a two liner description as well as the image and rates individually, I placed an order through Spoonzo and finally satisfied my urge both ways: by curbing the curiosity as well as by having yummy chocolates.

Reviewing about the entire order, I was just speechless! The chocolate was yummy and this was noticed by everyone present there – the way I was eating by licking my fingers, just how a small baby eats by enjoying every bit of it until it gets over! When I was done with it, I realized my hands badly needed a tissue paper to clean the chocolates.

Spoonzo My Order -

Normally people call the waiter to ask for a tissue paper or even for water. But now, Spoonzo gave me a chance to be smart. 😉 With my Smartphone, I again placed a request for both, tissue paper as well as water and there it was on the table with a wink of an eye!

Spoonzo Request -

Finally, the last thing I did not wish to do a request for a bill…  But, as the service gave me a real good experience, I was bound to pay the returns happily. And there again, I requested for a bill through Spoonzo. With a big smile, the waiter came with a bill and took the money. And I finally checked out of the app successfully.

Overall, I had a great experience with a strong wish to see such innovation in every cafes and restaurants of Ahmedabad.

Thank you Spoonzo for making such a wonderful food ordering system!

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7 thoughts on “An Innovative Mobile App that I Recently Seen in Ahmedabad – Spoonzo

  1. Hi Nikhil, i have a question does this apps provides service through out india.?.i mean atleast in metro cities and Tier 1 cities

  2. This is very nice app and main point is that app provide a beautiful user interface.

  3. Nice to see The Chocolate Room implementing technology to attract and amaze customers. However, from User Experience point of view, for the first time it could be a bit boring process to scan and download app and then order something. When you are hungry, you don’t have patience to do that 🙂

    Ideal way would be: restaurants (in this case The Chocolate Room) provide a tablet that has the app pre-loaded on it. So that you can instantly order what you want.

    • Yup that’s true. Foodie and hungry people like us would not like to spend more time.

      But as per my experience, 1st time installation will acquire few minutes. But to load, select and making order is taking less time (as compared with waiter come and will hand over a paper menu and then he will take an order).

      My reviews, it’s quick and I can directly place an order without spending time to wait for a waiter and more.

      Another thing, I am sure we can suggest The Chocolate Room (or other restaurant) to provide their own devices… 🙂

  4. Wow… That’s a really interesting app. Just one question… Does The Chocolate Room have Wi-Fi? If customers have 2G network on their phone.. it will take alot of time for them to download the app.

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