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Spoonzo Cricket League
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Spoonzo Cricket League” – My memorable journey with Spoonzo Team.

I do remember that how we plan this whole series of contest and gave such exiting prizes to Amdavadies. Let me take you through our thoughts and excitement of SCL.

We were watching the first IPL match on wide screen by setting up the projector and speakers and we all were enjoying the each moment. At the same time a question came into our mind that it’s a great experience to watch matches on wide screen so, how about to watch it on big screen like in cinema hall and how about other cricket lovers from Ahmedabad?

With this thought, we were started planning to watch IPL Final with other cricket lovers from Ahmedabad and signed a deal with Rajhans Cine world to stream IPL Final live on 1 June 2014 in its cinema Hall.

For this contest, we had 200 tickets with us which we distribute among IPL loves of Amdavad.

In the quick manner we have planned a series of contests named “Spoonzo Cricket League” in which there were 15 different contests which we did at Spooonzo’s Facebook Page and start distributing tickets to winners from such contests. Below are a few images of contests we did on Facebook.

How about other Amdabadies who are not more active on Facebook?

Well, for cricket lovers who are not more active on Facebook, we have run few offline contests at Shambhu’s Coffee Bar, The Chocolate Room, Café Crust, Blue Spot Café, Tea Post and other restaurants of Amdavad. Below are few pictures of Offline contests and participants:

Finally, the day arrived, it was a 1st June and team is too much excited to watch the IPL Final with Ahmedabad’s cricket lovers. Funniest thing was that the Match was about to start at 07:30 PM but we could not control our excitements and we reach Rajhans Cine World by 06:00 PM.

Winners start arriving to the cinema hall and we saw the same excitement on their faces to watch the IPL Final live at big Screen. It was a great experience for us to see such audience who whistled on every nice shot played, cheering the team, sorrow if player got bowled, screaming on every four and six and a lot more which makes us proud about what we have planned.

From this plan, I learnt a lot where I merged offline world with the online world and worked on various digital factors that can be involved in the Spoonzo Cricket League. At the end, I am an Internet Marketer and not more aware about offline and few digital activities. With SCL I got a chance to learn offline accepts and how to digitize our thoughts to visualize.

I am feeling pleased to be an active team member of “Spoonzo Cricket Successful” and experienced lot many things.

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