Few Clicks of Thol Lake – Ahmedabad

Couple days back, we all roommates planned a visit to Thol Lake about 28 – 30 KM from Ahmedabad.

I loved to be there and also captured few pictures from Thol Lake.

સિહોર – સોહામણું શહેર

Sihor Sohamanu Shaher

સિહોર – સોહામણું શહેર, જે સૌરાષ્ટ્ર મા છોટા કાશી ના નામે પણ ઓળખાય છે.

તોહ શું છે સિહોર મા કે લોકો જેને કાશી સમાન પવિત્ર સ્થળ મનાય છે? ચાલો હું તમને આજે મારા સિહોર વિષે જણાવું. Continue Reading…

માંડ-માંડ ગુજરાતમાં ગ્રૅજ્યુએટ થયેલી મમ્મી ના શબ્દો માં ગુજલીશ રામાયણ

માંડ-માંડ ગુજરાતમાં ગ્રૅજ્યુએટ થયેલી મમ્મી તેના દસ વરસના છોકરાને કેવી મૉડર્ન રામાયણ ગુજલિશ ભાષામાં સંભળાવે છે. આ લેટેસ્ટ રામાયણના શબ્દશ: સવાલ-જવાબ વાંચી લ્યો. મજા પડશે. Continue Reading…

1140+ Birthday Wishes

I am Thankful to all of you for making my Birthday memorable with your wishes.

I do not have more words with me to express my feelings for these all awesome wishes, which makes my special day more special.

Again I wish to say “THANK YOU… :) “ to all of you for the wishes via different mediums.

An Innovative Mobile App that I Recently Seen in Ahmedabad – Spoonzo

Spoonzo Fb Post www.imnikhil.com

I am always curious to find out some new stuff and excited to share my experience with you all. Recently, I visited The Chocolate Room near Vijay Cross Roads in Ahmedabad with a hope to try out few yummy chocolates along with the intention of getting royal services.

But guess what, there was no paper menu at the table! When inquired about the same with the waiter, he just reverted by showing me a sticker that was displayed on the table. That sticker was containing a QR code along with some content. I asked to waiter “What is this sticker about?” He replied to me:

“Order through Spoonzo – There is no more need of paper menu, Sir.”

Continue Reading…

All songs from A. R. Rahman Live Concert (Rahmanishq Ahmedabad)


I have said earlier in my Facebook Post that I have no words to say about Rahmanishq concert in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. Yes it’s pretty true no words. I thought a lot that how would I say “Thank you” to all team members of Rahmanishq for those awesome moments they gave to us.

To say thanks, with this post I am going to share every moments that I enjoyed and wish to share with other Fans of A.R. Rahman. Continue Reading…

Planning to buy “Sony MW1 Headset Pro”

Hello Friends,

These days I am using Sony MW600 Bluetooth headset and I am really impressed about his quality and sound that I have enjoyed.

Now, I am planning to upgrade this device with Sony MW1 Headset Pro. It is a again Bluetooth device.

Sony MW1

This device is having Bluetooth version 3.0 and few more functionalities compare with other Sony MW 600, which are:

  • Wide OLED Display
  • Read text Messaging
  • Access menu from the device only
  • View recent call history on device
  • Make a call from the device
  • And more…

So my friends, I need your opinion. What you suggest and what your reviews for this SONY MW1 Headset Pro.

Shall I buy this? Share your comments with me, I am waiting.

Sony Cyber-Shot QX10 & QX100 – Camera for Smartphone


This is what I call innovation of technology. A well-known Electronics Manufacturer “Sony Corporation” has taken a new step in technology and introduced one more innovative gadget for Smartphones.

On 18 Sep 2013 Sony introduced a new type of Cyber-Shot QX10 & QX100 Cameras specially design for Smartphone users. QX10 & QX100 built with attractive shining black color with plastic body material & cost 24,990/- INR and Rs. 12,990/- INR respectively.

Let me stop talking more and have a look technical specification, images and a must watch video of these lens cameras. I am sure after viewing the video you will defiantly think once to buy this lens camera for yourself. Continue Reading…